Monday, 24 May 2010

Back on here again!

Ok, so I've not posted for a few weeks - mainly because I got so frustrated with this site not letting me add a weight loss ticker.  I've seen so many on other blogs but no matter what I do it just won't have it!  Never mind, eh?!  Anyway, where am I up to with my weight loss?  Well, the week before last I had an incredible blow out food-wise.  I cheated all week and was secretly eating behind my partner's back.  This led to a 5lbs gain last Monday!  I gave myself a good talking to and got right back on track.  I weighed in today and have lost that 5lbs again so my weight is now 22st 1lbs.  Martin has also had a good week and lost 4lbs taking his total to 1st 1.5lbs now!  I think he's surprised himself at how well he's doing!

I've been off work today due to have a bad tummy but, to be honest, I think it's all stress related.  I was told I am being made redundant a few weeks ago but I am employed until the end of August (I work in a school).  I'm finding it more and more difficult to keep going in everyday and I think the stress is manifesting itself with a bad tummy!  I cannot wait to be out of that place for good!

Martin and I had made a pact that he's going to play football tonight and I'm going to go swimming.  However, I'm not sure whether swimming is a good idea given my tummy.  Might just have to wait and see.  I've only had 2.5 points today too so I'm going to flag on energy if I don't eat before going swimming. 

I'll update you with what I decide!

A x

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