Friday, 11 June 2010

Different scales

So, this week I've been staying at my parent's as they are on holiday and needed me to cat-sit for them.  The first few days of being here (last Wednesday to Sunday) sent me completely off the rails food-wise.  As I was on my own I felt like I could eat what I want and get away with it.  So... I ate, and ate, and ate.  And then realised what the hell I'd done!  I gave myself a talking to and I've been really good and focussed since!  However, I was dreading getting on the scales on Monday morning for my WI (at home) so I didn't bother.  Then on Tuesday I thought, sod it!  Just get on them and face it!  They said I'd lost 3.5 lbs!  Trouble is, as I'm at my parent's they're not my normal scales so I think they are just weighing me differently.  I'll find out on Monday when I WI at home but I was so happy when I saw the loss the other day (it took me to my first stone) and I'm really worried I'll be disheartened if it turns out the loss was all down to different scales! 

I've really missed Martin since I've been here (although I've seen him most days).  It's so different living with someone and just seeing them for a while everyday.  He's also doing WW with me (although needs me to tell him what to eat and inevitably cook it for him!) and he's really struggled with me not being there to help him.  I ended up buying a copy of an old WW Indian recipe book and making him up batches of pork masala, lamb rogan josh and chicken jalfrezi along with a load of homemade onion bhajis (only 1/2 point each and they are divine!!).  He's really enjoyed the curries and I've loved cooking them for him.  Definately gonna make them again as they are lovely!

Anyway, as I'd been missing him I was scrolling through some photos of us and thought I'd upload one on here. It was taken in February when we were both at our largest.

I love this picture :))))

A xx

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